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Glad you made it to the "UV" page. I hope you have time to listen to all the great oldies tunes from artists: Bobby Vee, Richie Valens and the Vogues to name a few of the oldies' artists. All the oldies' music included here on this website are in the MIDI format. You really should consider downloading Cresendo when listening to all MIDIs as Cresendo in my opinion, provides the highest sound quality when listening to MIDIs. AND LASTLY, ENJOY ALL THE CLASSIC OLDIES!!! :)

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Due to the new U.S. copyright laws, I was forced to remove all the Oldies MIDI's from this site, probaly forever. You can help support this site though as you can now purchase the collection of files for your own personal use (computer or cell phone). Included: MIDI's from the 50's, 60's and 70's, Elvis, Beatles and even Disco. Please just click on the button above to begin. Thank you.

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Jerry Vale
You Don't Know Me
Richie Valens
La Bamba

Frankie Valli
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
My Eyes Adored You

Vanity Fare
Hitchin' A Ride

Billy Vaughn
A Swinging' Safari
Bobby Vee
Devil Or Angel
Rubber Ball
Take Good Care Of My Baby
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes

The Velvets
Tonight (Could Be The Night)

The Ventures
Walk Don't Run

Gene Vincent
Bobby Vinton
Blue On Blue
Blue Velvet
Every Day Of My Life
Mr. Lonely
Roses Are Red
Una Paloma Blanca

Five O'Clock World
My Special Angel
Turn Around, Look At Me
You're The One

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Thanks For Visiting And Be Sure To Tell All Your Friends. Remember that this site is based on the oldies played in Philly. Philadelphia is not only the birthplace of the "Soft Pretzel" and the "Cheesesteak", but also the birthplace of Rock 'N Roll. We who live in the Philly area also boast the countries' most popular "Oldies Station" in WOGL 98.1FM. WOGL is also one of the original pioneer radio stations in the US.

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