Get The Best College Football Fight Songs From All The BCS, FBS and FCS Schools. All The CD's Are Recorded In High-Quality Sound And Are From The Original Marching Bands, There Are Now 21 Total Available CD's and Including Three New FCS CD's Featuring Newly Added Songs From The FCS Conferences. Every FBS and BCS College Football Team's Songs Are Available One Or More Of The Listed CD's In This One Of A Kind Music Collection. You Can Also Purchase All The Songs In MP3 Format.

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Fight Music CD #20 Songlist

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1) Alabama Vintage Yea, Alabama!
2) Alabama 20th Century Fox Fanfare
3) Alabama Are You From Dixie (Alabama Jubilee)
4) Alabama First Down Cheer
5) Alabama Defense Cheer 1
6) Alabama Defense Cheer 2
7) Alabama Roll Tide. Roll (new)
8) Alabama Yea! Alabama (new)
9) Arkansas Arkansas Fight Song (short)
10) Arkansas Leap Frog
11) Arkansas Pickles
12) Arkansas Hard To Be Humble
13) Arkansas Swing March
14) Arkansas Arkansas Fight Song
15) Auburn Thumb Cheer & War Eagle
16) Auburn Eye Of The Tiger
17) Auburn Hey Baby
18) Auburn Tiger Rag (new)
19) Auburn War Eagle (new)
20) Florida Orange And Blue (old)
21) Florida Gimme A G, Go Gators
22) Florida Swanee
23) Florida Gator Chomp
24) Florida Men Of Florida
25) Florida Jaws, Go Gators
26) Florida Orange And Blue (vocal)
27) Georgia Glory, Glory (old)
28) Georgia Krypton Fanfare
29) Georgia Bulldog March Medley
30) Georgia Bulldog Bite
31) Georgia Junkyard Dawgs
32) Georgia Go Dawgs
33) Georgia Glory, Glory (ver-2)
34) Kentucky (MB) Pre-Game Sequence 1
35) Kentucky (MB) Kentucky, My Old Kentucky Home
36) Kentucky (MB) Kentucky Fight (old)
37) Kentucky (Pep) Apple! with On, On, U of K (vocal)
38) LSU Chant
39) LSU 2nd Down Cheer
40) LSU Geaux Tigers Cheer (old)
Total Time - 79:10
41) LSU Fight For LSU
42) Mississippi Mississippi Go Rebs Go Medley
43) Mississippi Hype Chorale Warm-Up
44) Mississippi Forward Rebels (old)
45) Mississippi State Liberty Fanfare
46) Mississippi State Battle Hymn Of The Republic
47) Mississippi State Mr. Touchdown USA
48) Mississippi State March Grandioso
49) Mississippi State Fanfare and Hail State
50) Missouri The Hey Song
51) Missouri Eye Of The Tiger
52) Missouri Trumpet Cheer
53) Missouri Hey Baby!
54) Missouri French Tigers
55) Missouri Bone Cheer
56) Missouri Every True Son & Fight Tigers (live)
57) South Carolina Step To The Rear (old)
58) South Carolina Carolina Moon Fanfare
59) South Carolina Cocky's 2001
60) South Carolina Trumpet Cheer
61) South Carolina Step To The Rear (short)
62) Tennessee Pregame
63) Tennessee l Saw The Light
64) Tennessee Liberty Fanfare
65) Tennessee Fight Vols, Fight (new)
66) Tennessee Down The Field (new)
67) Tennessee Tennessee Fanfare Waltz
68) Tennessee Spirit Of The Hill (short)
69) Tennessee Rocky Top (short)
70) Texas A&M Aggie War Hymn
71) Texas A&M When Johnny Comes Marching Home
72) Texas A&M Patton
73) Texas A&M Texas, Our Texas
74) Texas A&M Aggie War Hymn (long)
75) Vanderbilt Spirit Of Gold
76) Vanderbilt Hey Cheer
77) Vanderbilt Louie Louie
78) Vanderbilt First Down Cheer
79) Vanderbilt Third Down Cheer
80) Vanderbilt Dynamite

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