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College Football Fight Music CD's
"21 Different Fight Music CD's from Every BCS, FBS & FCS Conference"

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I must thank my good friend Eric Humlie, who lives in Wisconsin for his influence in this larger than I ever imagined update. About two years ago, I thought about adding some or most of the FCS schools. Eric called me up one day and asked about adding all the schools from the Uniersity of Wisconsin system. Well, right then I decided to add all the Division II (FCS) football schools along with a few more of basketball schools too. Now, the site is bigger than ever. The songs and CD's (21 total) are already to go, but I still hae much work as I am adding wallpapers of every stadium and lyrics from the main fight songs and/or alma maters where available. But it still costs a lot of money to maintain a site such as I share with you all, so hopefully you will support my efforts with some purchases or donations. In these hard times, it is getting more costly for me to keep this site working, but through many sacrifices I have kept the prices the same ($15 per CD). I have only raised the price of shipping, but I really need your help with some support. Please consider a CD or 2 and please spread the word of the site and this page where the CD's are available in high-quality stereo.

You can also get just the colleges you want for just $5 (FBS/BCS) only via email in mp3 formats. The FCS is available through the purchase by conference. These songs are all labled and ready for direct downloading onto your iPod. Just click on the banner just below this explanation. Guaranteed satisfaction. Your support is vital now an in the future. Thank you.


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Volume 1
("BCS Schools" List)

Volume 2
("Independents" List)

Volume 3
("Big Ten" Song List)

Volume 4
("Big 12" Song List)

Volume 5
("Southeastern" Song List)

Volume 6
("Pacific-12" Song List)

Volume 7
("Ivy League" Song List)

Volume 8
("Atlantic Coast" Song List)

Volume 9
("American Athletic" Song List)

Volume 10
("C-USA" Song List)

Volume 11
("Mid-American" Song List)

Volume 12
("MWC & Sunbelt" Song List)

Volume 13
("BCS Schhols" Song List)

Volume 14
("BCS Alma Maters" Song List)

Volume 15
("FBS Alma Maters" Song List)

Volume 16
("FCS Schools #1" Song List)

Volume 17
("FCS Schools #2" Song List)

Volume 18
("FCS Alma Maters" Song List)

Volume 19
("More Big Ten" Song List)

Volume 20
("More SEC" Song List)

Volume UW
("U-Wisconsin" Song List)

** ~ Please Note - CD's based on 2014 Realignment

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