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Welcome to the main Phillies history page(s). As I add more and more to this website, a complete history will be shown from 1896 to the present. I will start with the 2003 season and work my way backwards. I have included very graphi headers for each year with logos of the National League teams which I hope are accurate to that season. I started the webpage with opening of Citzen's Bank Park in 2004. As a long time Phillies fan and the fun of upkeeping perhaps the best Philadelphia Eagles webpage found at: , I decided to make a Phillies page too. There is so much history about the Phillies, it is almost overwhelming, but I will attempt to complete it as best as I can. I will included the N.L. standings of each year, the Phillies leaders in home runs, runs, RBI's, batting average, wins and E.R.A. by the team's pitchers. Also in the more modern times, the closer's save total. To start your search I split up the history in approx. 10 year blocks. Just click on the decade to begin your search. My most memorable memory was when I was a sophmore in high school and watching the second half of the Phillies World Series clinching Game 6 on my living room floor. I had missed the first 4-5 innings due to a soccer game. The Phils won 4-1 when Tug McGraw struck Willie Wilson and the Philadelphia Phillies had won the World Series for their first and only time ever. Hopefully, with a new stadium, the Phillies will bring home another championship in my lifetime. Maybe I should do a website for the Flyers next....

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Phillies History: 1883 to 1895 .... Click Here
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