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Self-Guided Virtual Business Briefing...  


Now that you have heard the "good stuff"
are you ready to test your knowledge? 

Question: What should you look for when
evaluating a home-based business?


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I. What features should you look for in a company?

  • Low start up cost
  • 100%, unconditional, money-back guarantee

II. What type of product line makes the most sense?

  • Repeat consumables...a 200 billion dollar industry

III. Why look for a company that offers the "switch stores" concept?

  • Because people spend "no new money" --  they just switch brands

IV. What should you look for in a company's products?

  • The products must be competitively priced
  • The products must be unique
  • Look for patented products
  • Look for non-toxic, environmentally sensitive products
  • Look for a high reorder rate - repeat customers.  Without repeat business, you are doomed to failure.

V. Why do people shop at Nordstrom's or similar department stores?

  • You get upscale quality.

VI. Why do people shop at Sam's, Cosco, BJ's ect.?

  • You get wholesale prices.

VII. Why do people shop from catalogs or online?

  • You get 24/7 service and convenient delivery that saves you time.

bottom line,  look for a company that offers you all three...

  • Higher Quality
  • Wholesale Prices
  • Excellent service and home delivery

  • What if you could get a safer, better product at a better price, delivered to your front door?   Would you be willing to give it a try?
  • What if you tried the products and they were absolutely better than anything you have ever used? Would you refer others to the store?
  • What if these people shopped at this store and loved the products?
  • Would it be okay if the store gave you a check?
  • What if there was a company that answered all the above questions?

We've researched 100's of companies and found only one that qualified.

You may ask if doing business this way works?

  • This company has an incredible 16 year history of growth and stability.
  • It has been an INC 500 company five years in a row.
  • It has 1300 employees.
  • It has won the Blue Chip Enterprise award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for excellent management.
  • It has 600,000+ customers in North America.
    Best of works so well that the company has a 94-96% re-order rate each month. This means that our customers order products month after month after month for life. Isn't a permanent on-going income what you're looking for in a business?

A Revolutionary business building model... 

"The Company" is a major manufacturing firm headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho that makes many of the non-food items people traditionally purchase from their local grocery or drug store.  However, we've invented an alternative shopping system that REWARDS people who regularly shop in the system, with lower prices, higher quality products, home delivery, and PROFIT SHARING.

Does this business work?  Read the following facts and YOU be the judge.

  • "The Company's" first ten years of growth outdid Wal-Mart's first twenty years of growth!
  • "The Company" is the only company in history to reach the Inc. Magazine list of the 500 fastest growing privately held companies in America with an "A" profit rating 5 years in a row (Microsoft did it 3 years in a row!).
  • It was 5th in the nation in creating new jobs, and 4th in the nation in total absolute dollar growth!
  • We also won the Blue Chip Enterprise award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for strong management.
  • The President and CEO currently sits on the Board of Directors of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and was Idaho's Business Leader of the Year in 1999!
  • The President and CEO was recently named the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2001 by Ernst & Young, NO small feat!
    So what do you do to earn an income with our company?

    You pay only a $29.00 membership fee the first year and $12.00 a year after that.  You are not required to buy in bulk as with Sam's Club, Cosco or BJ's for the wholesale prices.  Just buy what you need each month.  If you like the products and continue to shop with the company, they will reward you and anyone you refer to them with higher quality, better prices, delivered to the door and PROFIT SHARING.  All we do is set up memberships, the company does the rest.  This is the most no-nonsense, simple way ever to earn extra income.

    You set up the customer's account one time and "The Company" takes over for you.

    They service your customers by sending them a new catalog every month, offering product discounts and new products and services as they're introduced. The Company" takes the order, collects the payment, delivers the products, handles the paperwork, and sends you a check each month because you referred the customer to the shopping system! Our business has a 94-96% month to month reorder rate!  No other company in the history of home business has ever had that kind of customer loyalty!  You can build a business to last a lifetime with statistics like that!

    "The Company" makes it easy for people to try the shopping system.

    Everybody starts off with a NO-RISK trial membership.  The new customer has two full months after their first month of membership to try the products.  As an example, if a person opened a customer account this month, any products they purchased and used this month, next month and the month after would be 100% money back guaranteed if they changed their mind and decided to close their account.  No other company in North America has such a powerful guarantee!

    The key to making a lifetime residual income

    Most people will continue to buy every single month because of the quality of the products, the prices, and the service.  And they don't call you!  Everyone orders directly from the factory!

    You will help others share in the company profits simply by opening wholesale preferred customer memberships.

    This company is in a class by itself in the home business industry.  They share 55% of their profits with their customers compared with other major manufacturing companies who share absolutely NONE of their profits with the customers.

    There are two key questions to ask when evaluating a business:

    Q.  What type of month to month reorder rate does the company have?

            A.   We have a 94-96% reorder rate.

    Q.  What type of products will create a residual income?

            A.  The only product line that makes sense is repeat consumables.

    We all use these types of products in our homes already, and we use them up each month and have to buy more.

    Ask yourself, how much do I buy of these type of products on a weekly or monthly basis?

    "The Company" is one of the nation's largest manufacturers of home consumables.  In two factories they produce over 250 top-of-the-line quality products in five divisions.

    Nutritionals:   We have the only patented vitamin on the market, with a 90 day money back guarantee -- you will tell a difference in your energy level and overall state of well being or get a full empty bottle refund.  We have over a dozen other nutrition products for your every need.  "The Company" also manufactures diet products (bars and shakes) that have more nutrition than Slimfast, and are preferred by over 80% of people in blind taste tests.  We also make the only patented sports bar (like a "Power Bar" only better) on the market.

    Non-prescription Pharmaceuticals:  Instead of going to the local drug store to buy products like Robitussen, Tylenol, Advil, Tums, PolySporin, BenGay, etc., save money by buying direct from the manufacturer. 

    Personal Care:   Products for the bath like soaps, shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, deodorant, handcream, body lotions, bubble baths, childrens' products, sunscreen, lip balms, shave gel, after shave, colognes, perfumes, and many many others. 

    Non-Toxic Cleaners:  We have non-toxic cleaners for the shower, tub, floors and walls.  The only patent-pending laundry care line on the market!  A liquid laundry detergent that is only $10.49 for 64 wash loads!  That is a great price and better than anything else you will ever use, GUARANTEED!  We have products to clean the windows, dishes, your car and even your pets!  None contain bleach, chlorine, ammonia, formaldehyde, phosphates, phenols, or any other cancer causing ingredients.  These products are safe for you, your children, your pets, and the environment.  And they will save you lots of money when compared to the national brands.

    Skin Care:  "The Company" manufactures skin care products and cosmetics for one of the country's top fashion designers.  The products are all natural and loaded with vitamins and the highest quality ingredients.  Members can buy all of these products at 40% off retail.

    Why would someone want to switch to our Store?  There are many reasons...

    • Delivery direct to your home.
    • The products are highly concentrated and very effective.
    • The products are unique, safe and nontoxic (natural ingredients).
    • Anyone can afford to be a customer.  They spend NO NEW MONEY." The money is already in the budget.
    • The products have unique proprietary (secret) formulas available only from our company.
    • You get a 100% empty bottle money back guarantee second to none!
    • "The Company" will pay you for referring new customers to their shopping system.
    • You get a 10% rebate back on all your purchases.
    • You can get long distance service for as low as 4.9 cents a minute.
    • The company has a Travel service that will save you money on airline tickets, cruises and vacation packages.

    This concludes our virtual business briefing.  We hope you have enjoyed our tour. 

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    We at Global Wealth Builders wish you all the happiness and success in the world!


Michael J Appert

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