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Welcome to the newly updated "War Movies Theme Music CD Collection" found here at the new domain name There are now over 120 movies featured here. And now I am adding 7 new CD's to the collection for a total of nine. The original Volume #1 still includes all the best WWII movie themes with some of the best Vietnam flicks. Volume #2 still features many of the newer films from the past few years along with a few older classics, but now has been updated too with a few songs removed and added to the new Volume #9, which has only songs with vocals. The other new volumes (3-8) are all a little different from each other and icludes music from every era in world history. You will have to continue on to see what is exactly on included on each of the new CD's. Your continued support will go a long way in keeping this very large and extensive site FREE and running for a long time. Thank you!

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War Movie Themes
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War Movie Themes
Volume #2

War Movie Themes
Volume #3

War Movie Themes
Volume #4

War Movie Themes
Volume #5

War Movie Themes
Volume #6

War Movie Themes
Volume #7

War Movie Themes
Volume #8

War Movie Themes
Volume #9

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