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Patriotic Music
(Volume #1)

Patriotic Music
(Volume #2)

Air Force Music
(32 Total Songs)

Army Music
(34 Total Songs)

Coast Guard
(25 Total Songs)

Victory At Sea
(Volume #1)

Marine Music
(31 Total Songs)

Navy Music
(34 Total Songs)

Gods & Generals
(19 Total Songs)

Civil War Music
(36 Total Songs)

(18 Total Songs)

Victory At Sea
(Volume #2)

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American Patriotic Music CD - Vol. #1
American Patriotic Music CD - Vol. #2
Air Force Military Music CD
Army Military Music CD
Marine Corps Military Music CD
Naval Military Music CD
Coast Guard & Merchant Marines CD
Victory At Sea - Volume #1
Victory At Sea - Volume #2
Civil War Music CD
Gettysburg Soundtrack CD
Gods & Generals Soundtrack CD

Complete Military/War Music Collection ($105.00) -- 12 CD's

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Cost per any 1 WAR CD === $10 + S&H
Cost per any 2 WAR CDs == $20 + S&H
Cost per any 3 WAR CDs == $30 + S&H
Cost per any 4 WAR CDs == $40 + S&H
Cost per any 5 WAR CDs == $50 + S&H
Cost per any 6 WAR CDs == $60 + S&H
Cost per any 7 WAR CDs == $70 + S&H
Cost per any 8 WAR CDs == $80 + S&H
Cost per any 9 WAR CDs == $90 + S&H
Cost per any 10 WAR CDs = $100 + S&H


GET ALL 12 WAR CDs = $105 + S&H

S&H - (US First Class) starts @ $3.00
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S&H - (Priority 7-11 CD's) varies on location
S&H - (US Priority 12-50) is @ $13.00

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S&H - (International Priority) starts @ $25.00

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Chad, Cuba, East Timor, Falkland Islands,
Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Krygyzstan,
Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Lybia, Maldives, North Korea,
Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Syria
Sri Lanka, also most of the MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA....

In most cases listed above, the reasons why I cannot ship is that there is no guarantee that delivery could ever be made by the mail service of your country or that the music reproductions (CD's) are actually not allowed by law to be shipped to your country. Other countries such as North Korea are on the do not send list of the US.

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