Music Links

Gary's MIDI Paradise is my #1 Oldies provider of these wonderful MIDI files within my site.

The Unit Episodes The Unit Episode Guide - View a list and a synopsis of all episodes from The Unit.

Veronica Mars TV-Show If you are looking to download Veronica Mars TV shows or to watch Veronica Mars online for free.

David Leung Haslam's "Rockin Records" Well known MIDI files created by 17 year old David Leung Haslam.

Lyrics Universe hosts a large collection of music lyrics from all over the world.

Motet Music Resouces Extensive music resources ranging from free music stuff to all things midi, newsgroups to record companies and much more... Free access to over 1280 artists, plus software, hardware, sequencers, and more.

Tom Jermine's Midi snips MIDI Songbook.

Tom Jermine's Original Midi Songs

Midi Giant 35,000 Plus Midi Sequences! We Have What You Can't Find!

J&S Project is born from the merger of the musical experiences of a DJ, Tony S, aka Antonio Smaldone, and of a musician Angel J, aka Angelo Vitaliano. The crossover between grooves "Old School" and new electric resonance.

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