"THE 'BIG' Eighties Music Store"

Welcome to the "EIGHTIES" Music Library. Included within are ten 1980's rock music CD's formatted in a year-by-year through the entire decade of the 80's. The rock CD's feature the best classic rock songs from each year from bands such as the: Police, U2, Cars, Van Halen, Bruce Springsteen, INXS and even R.E.M.. Where as the there are also 10 pop and 2 dance CD's from the eighties, but they are mixed in a volume-by-volume format. You can order all 10 of the pop or rock and save even more, or even purchase all 22 at the best rate per CD. Some of the greatest pop stars such as Madonna, Michael Jackson and Culture Club fill the archives of the pop CD's from the decade npw known as "THE BIG EIGHTIES". I have also just added some brand new Heavy Metal Music CD's, which includes three different CD's too from the band Iron Maiden. I will be adding about a dozen more Super Bands' CD's if all goes well with this 80's site...

I just updated the site/prices to allow for people to more easily purchase the CD's. Please browse through the categories which interest you most. After making all your selections, and you click on "CHECKOUT", be sure then to choose the proper shipping method --- either First Class or Priority and the CORRECT # of music CD's which you are purchasing. Failure to choose the correct shipping, will cause your order to be held up from being shipped out.

You can start your search by either clicking on the appropriate category listed below, either the Pop or Rock button to start. Thank you.

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