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I just loved this site, I have shared this with so many of my friends. Being 40, it sure did bring back memorys.. THANKS
Mo. USA -
Love your site. Brought back great memories.
Juicey Brucey
GREAT site, I heard themes that brought back good times and some I havent heard since I was a small child. THANK YOU very much !
Los Angeles, CA USA -
I loved this website and getting to see all of my old favorite cartoon themes, but you should consider updating. For example just get some new theme to the more popular tv shows now-a-day and put on your site!
Great web sight! Very waeel done! checked out thing's I haven't thought about in years. fwd your sights to some friends and family. Keep up the good work. -stg-
Hazel Park, MI USA -
jan 16 2005
Mike!!!!! Great site .I am looking for a wav file and cant find it.... from Bugs Bunny.The abominal Snow Man. " i will lovw him and squeeze him and name him George..." If it is possible to find it for me I have been searching for a long time.
Dave Daoust
Montreal, Que Canada -
jan 12 2005
exellent childhood memmory site. The only cartoon that I didn't see was "PRINCE PLANET". But great memmories. Thank you.
tito mejias
San Juan, Puerto Rico USA -
This website is rocks! I very much enjoyed visiting your website!
Lake Jackson, TX USA -
Hi, i really enjoy your website!!! it brings back alot of memories!!! but there is one cartoon on here that i havent found and maybe you dont have yet, but "The Gummiebears" it used to be on disney, or "The Wuzzles" but i was just wondering if you had those, maybe you could put them up on the site!!! thanks for listening!! Mindy.
Mindy Burger
Empire, Nevada USA -
Loved the smile I got from all the memories these songs gave me. However, I noticed two errors, 1st-Couragous Cat and Minute Mouse, not danger mouse, and 2nd-Snoop and Blabber, not Bladder. Thank You for this site.
Mike, this site is great! What a pleasant blast from the past. What a great counterpoint to the unneccessarily overly-complex world we find ourselves in now. Things may not have been rosy when we were growing up in the 60's but they are better than what passes for entertainment today. You've made this 49 yr. old guy from Brooklyn quite happy. Good job! -Ira
Brooklyn, NY USA -

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